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Crime in Irapuato
Irapuato is a small city in Guanajuato but that doesn’t matter when we talk aboutcrime, ‘cause in every place of this world there’s crime. Organized crime exist in Irapuato, Silao, Irapuato, Celaya, Salamanca, León, etc.
In Irapuato and Celayathe crime scene were terrible people usually found burned and tortured bodies all over the city.
In Celaya they are usually 5 phone calls every day for extortionand the number will probably keep rising.
We only can keep thinking if Irapuato will keep being protected by polices that usually don’t do anything. Even when this isone of the safeties places in all over the country the crime have rise from terrible ways.
A report says that in a small city two women’s were kidnapped from thestreet during the day. People in Irapuato say that nothing is being done, police is corrupt, they said.
In an article says that the organized crime at FestivalServantino is present, either threats against members of the Guanajuato state government or also against the instalaciones of the University of Guanajuato. I also readabout I kidnapped victim in Jardines Del Oriente in Guanajuato Capital.
Even when in Guanajuato state has a very low crime the possibility of being safe is apparentlyunknown.
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