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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Día de Martin Luther King Jr. El tercer lunes de enero

Valentine's Day San Valentín 14 de febrero

St. Patrick's Day San Patricio 17 de marzoApril Fool's Day Tonto de Abril 1° de abril

Independence Day Día de la Independencia 4 de julio

Halloween Halloween 31 de octubreThanksgiving Día de Acción de Gracias El cuarto jueves de noviembre
Christmas Day Navidad 25 de diciembre

The day is celebrated by concerts, exhibitions, conferences andother ways of remembering the eloquence of the Dr. King and his efforts in favour of the human rights,
The St Valentine's Day is a traditional celebration in which the boyfriends, lovers or spousesexpress the love or fondness to themselves mutually.
The Day of San Patricio The celebration generally takes everything as a subject matter what is green and Irish; both, Christians and notChristians celebrate the holiday regularly dressing of green
In England, The United States and other countries April fools ' day in the one that is a tradition to spend jokes.
This day marks thesignature of the Declaration of Independence in which the country proclaimed formal separation of the British Empire. Usually it is celebrated by many activities outdoors as parades, games of baseball andspectacles of fireworks.
The children disguise themselves for the occasion and walk along the streets asking for sweets of door in door. After calling to the door the children declare the phrasetrick or treat.
It is a traditional celebration of the United States is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, though originally it was done last Thursday.
The Christmas is the Christianholiday most popularized, in spite of that the Church thinks that the Easter is more important. And for such a motive it is the one that contains more traditions dinners, Christmas carols, etc
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