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Put the verbs into Simple Present

1) Robert _______________ winter (like)
2) The boy ______________ in the garden (play)
3) In the morning he ____________ a book (read)4) We _____________ T.V. at night (watch)
5) When she ___________ (go) to the supermarket, she __________ a lot of fruit (buy)

Enumerate the verbs according to your daily routine

_____ go toschool _____ watch T.V.
_____ go to sleep _____ have lunch
_____ have breakfast_____ listen to music
_____ come home _____ visit friends
_____ study_____ do homework
_____ get up _____ ride the bike

Make a draw about your daily routine. Add necessary information
Lookat these notes and write a paragraph

Name: Steve Jackson
Age: 12
Nationality: Polish
Likes: watching detective films, sailing
Dislikes: playing football____________________________________________________________




Ask questions

I start school at 9 o´clock2)____________________________________?
Mark is short and thin

He loves playing tennis

She goes to the club three times a week5)____________________________________?
No, Jane doesn´t live in Mexico

My favourite colour is blue

Complete with some of these words

Snakes – parts – place...
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