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Honesty means there are no contradictions in your thoughts, words or actions, have identity and coherence is to be proud of himself in a few words honesty meansnever misuse what we hoped.
I like the honesty because honestly there is no hypocrisy or distrust in the minds or the lives of others.
Another because honesty is a lifestylecongruent with what you think and what you do.
For example, some people think the person is honest when the person speaks he feels real reasons and take it as an indiscreetperson.

The reasons of honesty are friendly, discreet and admit when wrong and when someone makes a mistake, it seems it is not and what is projected to others is real.

Thisbrings great value and provides better results strongly positive internal and stable confidence in your self-esteem.

If you are honest you will have awards to others becausein the inner are the reflection of each other.


Honesty is a quality of human that is to behave and speak with consistency and sincerity to others it meansacting with the truth.

Honesty is able to develop:

Be a person of words and follow what we say

Act honestly

Use our time well for their own benefit

Always speak thetruth and respect

Positive Solutions

Have a life with honesty is the greatest blessing

Always tell the truth is being true to yourself

When you work honestly, youcontribute a fairer world.


Honesty is important because it strengthens you and I developed internally wisdom,it is visible in every action taken, thisattitude helps to have a peaceful start, without waste and with more splendor.


Oscar Colmenares, Vision in Today's World

Alicia Morales, Educating values
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