Horno Arco Electrico

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EAF Cooling Elements

A seamless production line depends on achieving low down times for all of the elements in an assembly chain. In the metal industry, one of those elements consists of thecooling panels that are used in the furnace. Using an innovative design concept for water-cooling panels, we at Siemens VAI have developed a tailored solution that can effectively cool an entire furnacearea. Our solution is based on specifically designed water-cooling panels. And it’s backed by more than 25 years of copper welding experience and engineering expertise that meet the highest qualitystandards in German manufacturing. Our comprehensive cooling solution means a longer panel lifetime, a higher furnace availability, and less maintenance down times. Thus saving you time, material, andexpense.

The challenge High furnace availability is crucial to profitable metal production – and key to an uninterrupted output is a fully functional water-cooled circuit based on effectivewater-cooled panels. But these needs present significant challenges; among them, enhancing the lifetime of the water-cooled panels and the refractory material, while reducing maintenance costs. Our solutionDetermined to provide 100 % safe and reliable use, we’ve developed a customized solution for each watercooled circuit and panel. Our solution increases panel lifetimes while decreasing furnace downtimes. According to the thermal load and the cooling water availability, our experts have created individual designs with innovative qualities. Water circuits, for example, can be easily identified andaccessed. And if necessary, the easy-to-handle panels can be quickly replaced.

Designed for a longer lifetime

Metals Technologies

Good reasons for EAF Cooling Elements  Innovative coolingconcept for longer panel lifetime  Higher availability of the furnace due to less maintenance down time  Closed back plate on the wall panels for more panel stiffness and safety  Special copper pipe...
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