How Far Did Bismarck Plan The Unification Of Germany?

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How far did Bismarck plan the unification of Germany?

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Section A. Plan of Investigation 3
Section B. Summary of Information 4 - 5
Section C. Evaluation of Sources 6
Section E. Conclusion 7
Section F. List of Sources 8

Section A. Plan ofinvestigation

The process by which Germany came to be unified has been an area of constant debate amongst historians of the period.
The following essay will describe to what extentBismarck planned the unification of Germany from two points of views: Bismarck did not set out to unify Germany, he was just a brilliant opportunist. On the other hand, Bismarck owed his success to hisforeign policy...
The purpose of this investigation is to provide enough evidence to prove if Bismarck was....and consequently the unification of Germany.
A general background source, “TheCourse of German History” by AJP Taylor, will be added to the two main ones “..” by ..., and “..” by ...which will be summarized and evaluated as to their origin, purposes, values and limitations, inorder to arrive to a conclusion providing the answer to the question posed in the title.

Section B. Summary of information

In 1867 the North German Confederation wasestablished. It was an unbelievable political success at that time. However, Bismarck's wish to see Germany united would not have been totally satisfied without the southern states attached to it. Thus Bismarckset about trying to add the southern states to the Confederation.
The beginning of the negotiations, including the offer of all-German parliament and the joint military training, failedjust like in case of Austria. Bismarck supposed that a war with France could speed up the events. A great diplomat, Bismarck arranged that Russia and Austria stay away from the coming conflict[1]....
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