How far was the treaty of versailles fair?

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How far was the treaty of Versailles fair?
The treaty of Versailles was signed June 28th 1919 by two German representatives at the Paris Peace Conference at Versailles. Thepurpose of the treaty was to establish a long lasting peace between Germany and The allies. The treaty was both fair and unfair on the German population depending on the aspect thatis looked at, for example, it implied very harsh conditions upon the German populations but at the same time it was an equivalent to what they've done to deserve it.
One of the unfairfacts that the treaty had was that the trety of Versailles placed the blame for all losses received by the Allies in the First World War, on Germany. Reparations were the secondmajor clause which, in my opinion, was way too harsh on Germany considering the situation they were in after the greatest war the world had ever seen. This was a difficult problem tosolve and so a reparations commission was established to decide how many goods and how much money Germany should pay. The figure £6,600 million was eventually agreed upon. Some peoplethought this figure was too high. The third reason why I think that the treaty was unfair was that all the causes of the war were suffered by Germany like the military losses. The Germanarmy was reduced to 100,000 men, and conscription was disallowed. German navy was reduced to: six battleships, six light cruisers, twelve destroyers, and twelve torpedo boats.Germany had to build ships for the Allies. And, as a last reason, Germany though the Treaty was unfair because it was not based fully on Wilson’s “Fourteen Points”
Then by the number ofreasons that were given against the treaty, we can say that it was unfair to Germany. They are valid and reasonable reasons and Germany can not suffer all the disasters caused by war.
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