How to acquire a language

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How to acquire a language?

You learning by listen and interacting with others, don´t you? I learnt to speak in Spanish my mother tongue by listening and interacting with people aroundme since I was two. I was able to speak even when I did not know write down any word and I transmitted my messages without any difficulty allowing others understand my ideas.
I took partin the social world when I started decoding the messages from other people even when we did not know all the word the message involves. As Lynn Sams (2002) argues we started learning a languagewhen we are able to get the main idea of oral messages even we do not know every single word, thus, it is in this manner when we start learning a language by internalizing what we listen formother people. A good example of this phenomenon is visible in the movie Nell that talks about a girl who lives a house in the forest and whose only contact was the natures in that place. Hence,the only sounds she can get were those produce by animals that share this environment with her, what did she learn, then? She learned to produce sounds only sounds.
As I said beforeNell´s case is a good example to see how we learn a language it does not matter what language, so the cognitive process for acquiring a language is exactly the same in all the people Krashen (1982),obviously taking into account those people with language disorders. The only social environment Nell found to interact was nature, as a result she was only able to produce sounds, sounds shelisten all the time. In this way we can realize that we learn a language only by taking part in the social world. In other words, we learn a language by sharing information with others.Finally, Nell learnt to speak when she went to the society and started to interact with people from whom she discovered the language, language that let her share ideas, thoughts, and feelings.
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