How do children acquire their first language

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1. How do children acquire their first language?

Children normally achieve perfect L1. Learning a language is not an easy process, but when children are acquiring their mothertongue, pronunciation, fluency and grammatical aspects grow with the time. Children start acquiring their first language in terms of what they like, what they need and what they’re interested about.According to children’s mental capacity, knowledge of the L1 is bigger. According to the context and the particular situations the children are living, they can learn their first language in abetter way. Children acquire their first language by going through some stages:
* Prelinguistic stage (6 months of age) they start babbling sounds.
* One word (1 year old).
* Two words (2years old).
* Telegraphic stage (only content words).
* Development of function words (when developing questions and negative forms of the language.
* Learning the meaning of a word.
*Development of phonology (use of consonants, vowels and their combinations in a more accurate way).

2. Write about your L1 acquisition and L2 learning process.

Honestly, I don’t rememberexactly how my L1 acquisition process was. By searching how children acquire their first language, I can say that I ought to have acquired mine by imitating people around me (family, friends, and peers).As children are not born with a mind that is like a blank slate, I was somehow ‘’predisposed’’ to learn the language that was necessary for me to speak, due to the context I was at. People aroundme were speaking Spanish all the time, so it was almost mandatory for me to speak it to in order to communicate with the ones around me. Due to my mental capacities (not having any mental disorder),I was able to acquire the language quick and easy. Anyways, day after day, I learn new words in Spanish; I continue getting mastery on my pronunciation and grammatical uses.
Children are not...
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