How to install video driver

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Microsoft Windows* 7
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October 02, 2009************************************************************
* NOTE: This document refers to systems containing the
* following Intel chipsets:
* Intel (R) 945G Express Chipset
* Intel (R) 945GZ ExpressChipset
* Intel (R) 946GZ Express Chipset
* Intel (R) G965 Express Chipset
* Intel (R) Q965 Express Chipset
* Intel (R) Q963 Express Chipset
* Intel (R) G33 Express Chipset
* Intel (R) G35Express Chipset
* Intel (R) Q33 Express Chipset
* Intel (R) Q35 Express Chipset
* Intel (R) G31 Express Chipset
* Intel (R) 945GC Express Chipset
* Mobile Intel (R) 945GM Express Chipset
*Mobile Intel (R) 945GME Express Chipset
* Mobile Intel (R) 945GMS Express Chipset
* Mobile Intel (R) 940GML Express Chipset
* Mobile Intel (R) GM965 Express Chipset
* Mobile Intel (R) GME965Express Chipset
* Mobile Intel (R) GLE960 Express Chipset
* Mobile Intel (R) GL960 Express Chipset
* Mobile Intel (R) 945GSE Express Chipset
*Installation Information
* This document makes references to products developed by
* Intel. There are some restrictions on how these products
* may be used, and what information may be disclosed to
*others. Please read the Disclaimer section and contact
* your Intel field representative if you would like more
* information.
* DISCLAIMER: Intel is making no claims of usability,
* efficacy or warranty. The INTEL SOFTWARE LICENSE
* AGREEMENT contained hereincompletely defines the license
* and use of this software.
* This document contains information on products in the
* design phase of development. The information here is
* subject to...
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