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Nicholas Yunge
Darío Hevia


1 Introduction 3
2 Contains 4
2.1 Advantages andDisadvantages of the Environment 4
2.2 Type of Tourism Offer 4
2.3 Analysis of access and signs 4
2.4 Diagnostic of Infrastructure and Service Offer 5
2.5 Motivations and Tendencies 5
3 Conclusion 6Introduction

We have a lot of natural things to see, but we didn´t go to these places to take a look and enjoy the marvelous of nature. A clear case is Huilo-Huilo, located at 122km of Pucon city,it’s a beauty place to go alone, with the family or anyone you want to connect with the nature, relax and have a nice experience in one of the most precious places in the south of Chile. Enjoy theHuilo-Huilo Nature Reserve and their both Hotels: “Montaña Magica” and “Baobab”.


1 Advantages and Disadvantages of the Environment

Advantages: The Hotels are located far away of Highways, soit’s quiet, and only some people come to this place, the great majority of persons don’t like go for hard ways to go to somewhere. Has a sustainable treatment of trash, they carry about don’t pollutethe forest and surroundings. They obtain the energy from a mini hydroelectric located in a river near the Hotel. The temperature inside the Hotels is always nice and constant for the people (theycarry a lot, because it’s a cold place), and they use only old trees, because they contaminate the air when they are old, so in the Hotel cut this trees and use them to the central heating.
About theHuilo-Huilo Nature Reserve, we saw a lot of typical species of South forests, has an easy access when you can walk without problems.
Disadvantages: One of his advantages is a problem too, it’s isolate;the hard way in case of emergency could be a problem, if the emergency is very important. The weather is an important factor, because if is a lot of rain, the way would be muddy, and if the...
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