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Release 2 Tutorial
May 2001 J. Ronald Eastman

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Idrisi Source Code ©1987-2001 J. Ronald Eastman Idrisi Production ©1987-2001 Clark University Manual Version 32.20

The exercises of the Tutorial are arrangedin a manner that provides a structured approach to the understanding of GIS, Image Processing, and the other geographic analysis techniques the Idrisi32 system provides. The exercises are organized as follows: Using IDRISI Exercises Exercises in this section introduce the fundamental terminology and operations of the IDRISI system, including setting user preferences, display and map composition,and working with databases in Database Workshop. Introductory GIS Exercises This set of exercises provides an introduction to the most fundamental raster GIS analytical tools. Using case studies, the tutorials explore database query, distance and context operators, map algebra, and the use of cartographic models and IDRISI’s graphic modeling environment Macro Modeler to organize analyses. The finalexercises in this section explore Multi-Criteria and Multi-Objective decision making and the use of the Decisiong Making Wizard in IDRISI. Advanced GIS Exercises Exercises in this section illustrate a range of the possibilities for advanced GIS analysis using IDRISI. These include regression modeling, predictive modeling using Markov Chain analysis, database uncertainty and decision risk andGeostatistics. Introductory Image Processing Exercises This set of exercises steps the user through the fundamental processes of satellite image classification, using both supervised and unsupervised techniques. Advanced Image Processing Exercises In this section, the techniques explored in the previous set of exercises are expanded to include issues of classification uncertainty and mixed-pixelclassification. Idrisi provides a suite of tools for advanced image processing and this set of exercises highlights their use. The final exercise focuses on Vegetation Indices. Database Development Exercises The final section of the Tutorial offers three exercises on database development issues. Resampling and projecting data are illustrated and some commonly available data layers are imported. Werecommend you complete the exercises in the order in which they are presented within each section, though this is not strictly necessary. Knowledge of concepts presented in earlier exercises, however, is assumed in subsequent exercises. All users who are not familiar with the IDRISI system should complete the first set of exercises, Using IDRISI, first. After this, a user new to GIS and ImageProcessing might wish to complete the introductory GIS and image processing exercise sections, then come back to the advanced exercises at a later time. Users familiar with the system should be able to proceed directly to the particular exercises of interest. In only a few cases are results from one exercise used in a later exercise. As you are working on these exercises, you will want to access theProgram Modules section in the on-line Help System any time you encounter a new module. You may also wish to refer to the Glossary section for definitions of unfamiliar terms. When action is required at the computer, the section in the exercise is designated by a letter. Throughout most exercises, numbered questions will also appear. These questions provide opportunity for reflection and self-assessmenton the concepts just presented or operations just performed. The answers to these questions appear at the end of each exercise. When working through an exercise, examine every result (even intermediate ones) by displaying it. If the result is not as expected, stop and rethink what you have done. Geographical analysis can be likened to a cascade of operations, each one


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