In the world architecture and history

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In the world, since the first man appeared, humans have had the necessity to be protected from nature and the environment. Architecture arises when they decide to seek a solutionto this problem. Considered one of the seven arts, architecture has been changing over time.
The first most important building is the Stonehenge. The Stonehenge is located in the southern of England. It isstill a mystery who built the Stonehenge, because it’s hard to believe that a normal person has been able to lift gigantic blocks of stone.
The pyramids were considered one of the Seven Wonders ofthe World. Many people say that millions of persons die building the pyramids. But in fact, scientist discovered that workers were very good treated.
Hundreds of years after, Greeks and Romansdeveloped a most sophisticated architecture. Which were very similar, most of them were temples to worship their gods. In contrast, Romans used a new type of construction: arches and vaults.Until now, we have seen that what these buildings have in common is that they were built to worship their gods. Like this other one building named the gothic cathedral. The gargoyles are one of themost important characteristic of these cathedrals. Also, these beautiful gothic windows that are composed by colored glasses.
Never in their wildest dreams did they think that in the future theywouldn’t need to use only large windows to illuminate and ventilate their buildings. And that they would change the churches and temples for hotels, places to get entertainment and to makebusiness.
Now a day, the buildings have a different architecture. Today we throw out the brick and mortar to use technology for buildings.
As we could see, architecture has changed a lot since itappeared. Nobody knows what would be able to do in the future, but I’m pretty sure that architects will be developing architecture technology. Even we don’t know what they are doing right now.
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