The new world order in architecture

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Central West Care is a local organisationproviding important community services for the residents of Bathurst. Central West Care operates a range of community facilities and services and this is the newest addition to those services. BathurstRegional Council supports this community recycling centre as it is important to Council that items that are still useful to members of the community are diverted from landfill and re-used. Councilalso believes that the centre will prove valuable as it will retail quality household and other items at a low cost to residents. “An initiative of Bathurst Christian Life Centre”

Come visit TheJunktion
Opening Times

You’re sure to pick up a bargain!
Monday & Friday 9am to 4pm Saturday & Sunday 9am to 3pm ClOsed - Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday.
Open public holidays; except Good Friday &Christmas Day.

The Junktion is located off College Rd - before you reach the Waste Management Centre entrance. Just follow the signs! For more information phone on 6332 2684 or the Junktion on 63314654during business hours or email:

WhaT is The JunkTiOn?
The centre will provide an important service where residents can deliver items such as fridges, furniture,electrical equipment, building materials - new and used including windows or tiles and more which are in reasonable condition. Volunteers will assist residents by unloading those items that can berecycled through the community recycling centre and will advise residents of those items that cannot be used at the centre and which should be taken on to the Waste Management Centre. The centre will takesome non-working or damaged items if they can be repaired or cleaned by the volunteers. Items such as children’s soft toys and games, clothes, books and homewares should still be donated at the...
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