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India and Aji Pica Rico

He cuisine of India has a distinctive spicy flavor in most dishes. It's like one of Mexico's spiciest cuisines in the world. The spice is used for many of itsdishes and when the tourist goes on a journey by land these great dishes that will almost always ask a touch of spice to a greater or lesser extent.

The spice is sometimes added tofood directly or you can do without spicy and then give you a range of hot sauces for those you add yourself to your taste and depending on how spicy you like with the food. No doubtthe hot used in India are not as mild as we can use the rest of Europe because they are very strong and spicy occasionally can be extremely spicy food if our custom not to eat spicy.Capsicum species are, almost without exception, pluri-annual

During the next two hundred years, revolutionized the cuisine of the Mediterranean peoples. Capsicum transformed American cuisine fromChina, India and Indonesia. Such was their acclimatization, which in many parts of Africa and India it is believed that chillies and peppers are native to these regions.

The chili pepper hasin its content silicilato and capsaicin, the pain-relieving substances that cause rheumatic diseases and neuralgia attack usually followed the elderly.

It is also very beneficial tofight colds in part because their substances to promote perspiration and act as expectorants, opening the nasal passages and lungs, consuming this food regularly, can reduce sore throats atleast 3 hours.

On the other side are also the premises of northeastern India using this terrible pepper as a cure for stomach problems and to keep away wild elephants. What they dois smear the fences that protect their crops with this spice.

If this plant can be kept at bay one of the largest mammals in the world (Asian elephant), imagine what you can do to...
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