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According to Bernard Spolsky, sociolinguistic field studies the relationship between language and society and how the social influents on language. Basically the use of the language is to communicate meaning. However, this paper work looks beyond to the symbolic and phonetic linguistic codes. It looks for making a brief analysis about the sociolinguistic features which involvesall about effects of styles, gender a social class on a language. on the other hand, it also analyses the speech community as its varieties and its conversation structure among others, all of these characteristic will be present in this paper work.
This paper work also involves bilingual and bilingualism conditions. A important feature of the sociolinguistic is to understand the nature andmultilingual societies; the way each language was acquired, how a person can uses two language at the same time, and what implies to be a societal multilingualism. On the other hand, applied sociolinguistic is related too to this paper. How the power and the social influences can establish the language identity is very relevant for us as a teacher since it is also part of each language process. Toconclude, the following work will let to analyze the language in different ways.


To analyze the main features of the sociolinguistic

To understand the relationship between language and society
To determine the features of a speech community as language variations
To understand the natural and multilingual societies
To differentiate betweenbilingual and bilingualism
To identify the effects of styles, gender and social class on language

1. Base on the Sociolinguistic reading complete the following statements.

a. Language is used to communicate meaning, and it is also used to establish and to maintain social relationship.
b. Formal linguistic and psycholinguistic focus their attention on the language as a system with universalfeatures. Sociolinguistic looks at the complex connection between the variations with a language and the matching variations in the social groups that use it.
c. The difference between Sociolinguistic and the sociology of language is that the first one emphasizes the social influences on language and the second one emphasizes the role of language in society.
d. The ethnography ofspeaking moved the focus of analysis from the sentence to the speech, by showing patters that could be understood if social information were included.
e. For the sociolinguistic, the speech community is all the people who speak a single language, like English or French, and so share notions of what is same or different in phonology or grammar.
f. Dialect concerns variations that are locatedregionally or socially. Style refers to differences in degree of formality. A third set of variations concerns the special variety especially marked by a special set of vocabulary associated with a profession.
g. The process of accommodation explains the way that a person who moves to a new part of the country gradually modifies his or her speech in the direction.
h. A compound bilinguals whosetwo languages were assumed to be closely connected, because one language had been learned after the other. Co-ordinate bilingual is someone who had learned each language in separate context.
i. Language is regularly used in the exercise of political power. A government can attempt to control its minority groups by banning their language.
j. Applied Sociolinguistic deals with areas likelanguage planning and language policy.

3. How the sociolinguistic can support your future teaching situations?

* The social linguistic field is very useful in teaching and learning a second language. Base on Bernard Spolky, it studies the ways in which groups of people use the language and how the social influences on it. So teaching a foreign language must go beyond the vocabulary and...
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