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“Violent videogames and his influence in childhood
ManHunter2 videogame.”


Ana Laura Cervantes ALberdi
Course: Media Children and Young

“Violent videogames and hisinfluence in childhood.”

By the time kids enter middle school, they will have seen 8,000 murders and 100,000 more acts related to violence on broadcast alone by TV , webs, videogames etc. ¿ Does theseaffects their behavior?
There are several studies I found and partnerships who think and had try to prove that media violence is one of the causal factors of real-life violence and aggression. I willjustify my writing with learning theories from Bandura´s and Vygotsky´s along whit other references.

An excellent example of violence at video games is ManHunter (watch: ). This video clip show us really brutal and shocking images that children see at their homes a lot of hours during the day. They don’tseem to see just a simply passive activity. For video games take a main part on this active stance, they allow players to kill and create all kinds of destructions. In fact, that's how games are won.Adding to this information we know that violent and aggressive behavior is showing everywhere. But studies show that aggressive gaming affects kids - so much so that could make us concluded that "playingviolent video games leads to adolescent violence”.

But which could be the answer?. Referring to Bandura's theory, he uses the term modeling as a type of learning that occurs as a function ofobserving, retaining and replicating new behaviors executed by others. It is argued that reinforcement has the effect of influencing and he claims that modeling can have as much impact as directexperience. That’s why we can said that children and adults acquire attitudes, emotional responses, and new styles of conduct through filmed, play videogames and televised modeling. Know if we analyze this...
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