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Swine Influenza – Is it true?

Swine influenza also called swine flu, hog flu, and pig flu, is a disease that it’s mortal and very dangerous because you can already be sick, but the symptoms canstart until 5 days later, Its is very easy to transmit this disease and some of the Symptoms are:
- fever, sore throat, muscle pains, severe headache, coughing, weakness and general discomfort.
As weall know about 1 month ago some cases of this influenza were discovered and some days later a lot of people around the entire world were infected also. The Influenza already existed, since long timeago and it was already discovered, but why suddenly the entire world had people with this sickness? Is it really true?
It is believed this disease “H1N1” doesn’t exist, and it was just created tomake people go in a panic state and not only that, but also make them relax and make them think on other stuff (INFLUENZA ISSUES) so the government could make proposals that if there wasn’t a sicknesslike this people wouldn’t agree with. For example: Legalization of drugs in Mexico, this is a very controversial theme, and has been discussed since long time ago, but during this Influenza Period drugswere legalized and now its permitted to have a little portion of drugs on your backpack, and use them. I think if all the people were really concentrated on the drug theme, they wouldn’t accept thedrug legalization but most of us were thinking of what to do to survive from the Influenza. Also now police can go in your house without having to ask for permission to the government to check yourhome.
While we all were thinking on the INFLUENZA, the government of Mexico made a lot of laws that are very controversial, but that was just because the people didn’t make any complaints, they were notpaying attention to the important things.
When the Influenza start spreading, people stopped thinking on the economical crisis, on the drugs, and many other problems. 1 of the days during the...
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