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Baker Oil Tools

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August 1999

Thru-Tubing Inflatable Systems

3.00" OD Retrievable Inflatable Packer
Product Family No.H33001
The Thru-Tubing Retrievable Inflatable Packer provides a means of performing
remedial and stimulation operations without the necessity to pull the production
tubingfrom the well. The Retrievable Packer seals with a high expansion inflatable element that can pass through the production jewelry and seal in the casing
/ liner below. The inflatable element can be setin most IDs including blank pipe,
perforations, slotted liners, sand screens and open hole. The packer is set by
dropping a setting ball to its seat in the ball catcher at the bottom of the packerand applying differential pressure via the coiled tubing from surface. Once set,
the zones below the packer can be accessed by working through the coiled tubing, and the zones above by working viathe annulus. By utilizing various bottom
hole components the zones above the packer may be accessed via either the
coiled tubing or the annulus or both. Once the operation has been completed, thepacker is equalized by either dropping a ball from surface or by applying tension
to a valve. After sufficient equalization the packer is released by straight pull on
the coiled tubing to a value wellwithin the coiled tubing’s capabilities. Applications may include acid stimulations, chemical water shutoffs, selective production
testing, pressure testing operations, hydraulic fracs, hydraulicproduction packer
setting, etc.


Inflatable packing element allows the tools to be run through the production
tubing and set below
Well can be worked over 'live'Packer can be conveyed on coiled tubing and threaded tubing
Fluid can be circulated down the workstring while running in the hole
Pressure can be equalized across the packer before releasing...
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