Information literacy

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We have some performance indicators included in each standard:
Standard one contains four, which are:
The information literate student ‘alerts’ the need for information, defines and getsfamiliar with the topic and seeks for sources which can contain such information.
The information literate student identifies potential sources of information, identifies the different resources formatand differentiates between primary and secondary data.
The information literate student considers the costs and benefits of acquiring the needed information, and elaborates a realistic timelinefor finding and obtaining such information.
The information literate student evaluates the information need by reviewing the question at first considered and describes the criteria used to makedecisions and elections.
Standard two contains five, saying:
The information literate student selects the most appropriate methods for investigating the needed information by identifying andanalysing investigative methods and choosing the best among them.
The information literate student constructs and implements effectively designed search strategies by first developing a plan and at lastimplementing the search using investigative protocols.
The information literate student recovers information using a variety of methods, such as search systems, classification schemes, specializedonline or in person services, surveys, and letters and so on to retrieve primary information.
The information literate student defines the search strategy if necessary. Assesses the quantity andquality of the results, identifies gaps to determine if an alternative information retrieval system should be utilized, and so if necessary repeats the research with the revised strategy.
Theinformation literate student extracts, records, and manages the information and its sources.
Standard three contains seven indicators announcing:
The information literate student synthesizes the...
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