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INTRODUCTION THERAPEUTIC ABORTION Therapeutic abortion induced abortion is medically justified. Most of the laws regulating abortion, both permissive and restrictive, distinguish, tovarying degrees, from the whole or greater therapeutic abortion admissibility regarding abortion. Not to be confused with the indirect abortion is abortion may occur when carrying out a necessarytherapy to the mother and also resulting in stillbirth. A particular case is that of ectopic pregnancy, but there are others as a result, for example, maternal cancer therapies. It varies the number ofcountries that prohibit abortion depending on the type of therapeutic medical reason that fencing. There are only six states in the world where it is not allowed therapeutic abortion under anycircumstances, which are, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Malta, Vatican Dominican Republic and Chile.


Amid intense controversy, Congress passed a reform here Penal Codewhich punishes therapeutic abortion and kept sentences of between four and eight years in prison for those who practice it. Nicaraguan code reform in this regard, which had more than 100 years, wasapproved by 52 members of the 90 that make up the legislature. Eight legislators and one liberal Christian Way Party did not exercise their right to vote and 29 legislators attended the plenary session.The deputies left the same penalties were against abortion and rejected the penalty of 30 years presented by President Enrique Bolaños and 20 years in prison proposed church. The above code allowingtherapeutic abortion with the consent of the mother, a close relative and the opinion of three doctors from the Ministry of Health. The amendment must be ratified by President Enrique Bolaños, who alsocan veto, various international agencies reported today. In a letter published on Wednesday and addressed to the President of Congress, members of the international community requested a meeting...
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