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Basic Programming Using JAVA
    With the meteoric rise of Internet and World Wide Web, many dormant problems with previous languages came out with urgency to be dealt with. Securityand portability are two such problems. No other language could adequately address these problems as Java does. Java has shifted the programming paradigm of single machine to distributed network ofmachines in object oriented way.
Target Audience
    If you are one those nerds who always thought how to make your own applications which will be available to people worldwide and you are one of thosewho always wanted to get on to the world of web and intranets, then you are on the right track to get your basics clear.
    This course has been designed for imparting basic conceptsand applications of Java. It assumes that you have knowledge of knowledge of Windows, Html, Prog Techniques and OOPS.
Objective of the Course
This course is designed to:
·        Impart JavaConcepts for applications and applets
·        Advantage of using Java as an Object Oriented language and its strengths
·        Demonstrate the features of Java such as multithreading, AWT, streams etc.·        Introduction to uploading your programs on the net.
About the Course
    This course is divided into nine sessions. There is an introductory chapter in the beginning that talks about thefeatures of Java and various language constructs in brief. The rest of the chapters cover the major concepts of Java, which will enable the user to design a complete user interface.
General ContentsChapter 1, “Introduction To Java”, will tell you about the basic data types, programming constructs and arrays in Java. It will also highlight why Java is so popular as a language.
Chapter 2, “JavaBasics and OOP in Java”, and the following session will make you appreciate why Java is termed as a powerful object oriented language. It will cover the OOP concepts with Java as a language, memory...
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