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Air screwdrivers CD…PRSF

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Air screwdrivers CD…PRSF
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Models without clutch: the air motor is directly connected by means of adapters to the accessory working on the screw. They are very versatile as it can tighten screws with different diameters on differentjoints.

Reversibility: All models are suitable for tightening and untightening operation
• The figures shown are measured at a pressure of 6,3 bar (ISO 2787), the recommended operating pressure. • The tightening torque values have been measured in accordance with ISO 5393 standard. • Noise level has been measured in accordance with ISO 3744 and ISO 15744 standards. •Vibrations level has been measured in accordance with ISO 8662-1 and ISO 8662-7 standards. • Accessory drive: 1/4” 6,35 mm female hexagonal drive (ISO 1173). , • The code number must be used when ordering.




In spite of their compact dimensions, these screwdrivers can reach high torque values
Push button

All models have an ergonomic grip that improves thehandling and guarantees operator’s comfort These screwdrivers are built using recyclable materials. All the components must be easy to dispose of and must not be an environmental pollution and/or personal safety hazard Other technical features
Models Air inlet Reccomended hose bore ø 8 mm

They are widely used for the assembly of wood, plastic and sheet metal furniture, frames, electrical householdappliances, toys, etc., and wherever selfthreading, self-drilling and wood screws of different lengths and dimensions are used The technological design of the air motor permits very high decrease of compressed air consumption, without affecting tool performance
CD...PRSF 1/4" gas

The internal gears guarantees vibration levels below 2,5 m/sec2 (ISO 8662-7)

The data given in the table areindicative and can be changed without prior notice. The torque values are purely indicative and may be influenced by the softness of the type of joint, by the type and length of the screw, by the pressure and quantity of air supply, and by the type of accessory used. The values indicated for noise and vibration levels were obtained in the laboratory, performing tests that comply with the standardsstated, but alone are not sufficient for calculating risks. Values measured in the single work places may be higher than those stated. The values of actual exposure and consequent risks are specific and depend on the operator’s method of work, the type of work piece and the work place, as well as the operator’s time of exposure and his physical conditions. Fiam cannot be held responsible for anyconsequences deriving from the use of the information in the table when evaluating risks in the work place over which Fiam has no control. For all further details, please apply to the Fiam Technical Assistance Service.

Since these screwdrivers do not have the traditional clutch, the torque control is entrusted to the sensitivity of the operator, who can rely on the whole power produced by the...
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