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4. Write some adjectives in the table below that describe your feelings when you go swimming in the sea. If you haven't gone swimming think about how you would feel. Tick the adjectives that matchthe feelings of the people in the video.
5. Have you ever practiced any extreme sport? If so, which one? Choose one of the sports you have precticed and describe how you feel when you practice it. Ofyou haven't practiced any extreme sport, you can describe how you feel at any other sport or physical activity that you have practiced (for example dancing, skating, skateboarding,etc.). Read yourdescription to a partner.
lungs as I run all feel very good when I do I feel like I release that I can go where I want when I stop running but when I finish all sore.
6. Work in pairs. Complete the gapsand write down your partner's answers.

a) Have you ever gone to the Expo? NO, I have not ever been
b) Have you a dog? Yes, if the love I have 6
c) How do you feel when you break the rules? I'mso excited, fast, and I love
d) How would you describe your experience? just say that if I could do it again
7. Using the answers you got from your partner and the description he read to you, write adescription about his experience.
because I feel good to share my experience with another person and that she felt I also share a happy, curious, interested and amazed.
2. Answer the questionsbelow.
¿Are the two characters normal people?
No, Edward Cullen is a vampire
¿What words indicate that one of them is a vampire?
you're impossibly fast, and strong. Your skin is pale white and icecold. Your eyes change color, and sometimes you speak like.... if you were from a different time. You never eat or drink anything. You don't go out in the sunlight.
¿Have you ever read the book or seenthe movie Twilight?
¿What type of book is Twilight?
Romance and love, is a novel
¿Who is the author of Twilight?
Stephenie Meyer
¿Twilight is about modern vampires. Do you know the name of...
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