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Advice on drugs in general
Never take drugs if you are depressed or feel bad
Never mix drugs
Never try a new drug being alone
Always start with low doses
Always rememberthat when you take these drugs you are under the influence, do not paranoiquees and think that in a while the effect is passed
Never give drugs to someone without thatperson knows
The best ways to cut the effect of drugs is eating, physical activity or having sex
Use Vitamin C to cut the effect of hallucinogenic mushrooms

The key to drugprevention is training parents and teachers
The best prevention begins at home, talk to your parents if you are in drugs.
It is necessary to agree. The guidelines at home haveto be even, we cannot say "no" and the other parent at the same time says "yes." Marital disagreements are reflected in the symptom of a child.
Promoting healthy behaviors,this objective can be achieved only by addressing the individual from early childhood.
Treatments are not possible without the participation of the individual without theirwillingness to change. Family support and adequate spiritual care are also essential for a successful rehabilitation.
Parents, teachers, media, institutions, etc., Shouldcommit to building a new society where true values are promoted, especially spiritual.
The drug problem is rooted in society itself. That is why we need a commitment of societyas a whole.
Avoid Environments and friends who use drugs. This is the main measure to be taken, but is always hard to change habits.
Promote accountability in the work andservice to others, so fun to pass the background.
Strengthen spiritual life and other noble ideals to give greater meaning to life.
Fill the time with healthy occupations.
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