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8.- Portfolio: imagine you are a tourist in your town/city.
Send a postcard to a friend, telling him/her what you are doing and what the weather is like.

Hi Carol!
I´m having a great time herein Veracruz.
I´m in love with all of the views they have here. The weather is great! The sun is shining all day long. The only bad thing is that I got skin burns from all that sun and because Ididn´t use sunscreen.
I wish you where here with me

9. - Portfolio: make a poster with scenes from your favorite films. Include pictures and short descriptions.
Charlie and the ChocolateFactory
In this scene Charlie, the kids and their parents are already inside of the factory and they´re watching how Agustus Glup gets stuck in the tube that transports the chocolate.

In this scene Doug, Phil, Stu and Alan are getting ready to start Doug´s bachelor party in Las Vegas, but they don´t know that Stu put some drugs on their drinks and that´s how all the messstarts.

6 Portfolio: write an article about what visitors can do/see in your town/city.
Use ideas from Ex. 5 and the article in Ex. 3 as a model.

Veracruz is a beautiful city of Mexico youcan do a lot of things here.
At this location, famous for its music, dancing and joy that identifies its Carnival, the most important event in the state, you will find beaches with gentle waves, idealfor all kinds of water sports particularly diving into reef areas up the Veracruz Reef System National Park, inhabited by large numbers of fish, coral and other underwater species, you can admire thearchitecture of its most important historical buildings: the lighthouse, the Post Office building, the bastion of Fort Santiago and San Juan de Ulua, in the middle of the sea (and now converted intoan interesting museum which tells the story of the port since pre-Columbian times to the present), or visit the amazing aquarium, with the sea water tank with more Latin America's largest.

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