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Activity One

Name : Betty Caraguay Díaz
Module : English
Teacher : Diana Ojeda

If do you like to understand more about that, you will read it and get your own points of views about it.


Chill out!

The website for teen-it’s not for parents!

Somebody to lean on
Got a problem? Just email us! We look at common issues which affect young people around the word,wherever you are! You can get advice and opinions from other people who are in similar situations, or just reply to someone else and let then know what you think. It doesn´t matter country you´re in, we can all support each other.

My opinion is:

This website is important because help to the teenagers to share their similar problems and advice between them.

What’s hot and what´s not?
Cindyinvestigates the latest fashions. Not from the catwalks of Paris and Milan, but from a street near you! The way we dress is unique to us as individuals. We want to find people who know how to express themselves. This week Cindy’s in Poland. What will she find on the streets of Warsaw? You can read her report or watch her podcast live at 9 p.m. Saturday, UK time.

My opinion is:
It´s great todescover that be to the fashion is showed the people´s states of spirit

Sounds good
Download the latest singles from your favorite groups right here. Now you can listen to them on your MP3 player and just… chill out! Coming soon: you´ll be able to download music videos. Too! Did you know, you can also sign up here to receive text messages of all the latest CD released, plus great ringtoneoptions for your mobile. Remember the old´Crazy Frog´ringtone? These are soooo much cooler!

My opinion is:
This website allows us download music to our cellphones.
Action and adventure
We follow TV adventure-seeker, Jack Osborne, on his latest trip around the word. This time he has a team to train, and most of them are teenagers. They have achieved amazing things so far, including anexhausting trek through the jungle and a freezing trip to the Arctic, At first some of the group, but now they are working as team, in this week´s episode, Jack who is recovering from an illness, has to encourage one member of the group to participate in the scariest challenge yet! Click on this link to see the video clips!

My opinion is:
It is amazing to know the greatest challenge that the peoplecan do it.

Update 24
All the latest news from around the world, with all the best pictures. We present a great mix of the ‘serious’ news which has dominated headlines around the world and unusual ‘bits and pieces’ which have grabbed our attention! This week you can share the experience of young people in the unusual weather conditions in Australia. We also visit Argentina where someinteresting celebrations are taking place.

My opinion is:
The most important is always known that happens in the world, it is posible to watch news.
Vote, vote, Vote!
Participants are required to be 18 or under. We want opinions from people like you about topics you like. What did you think of the contestants on Pop idol? ‘It makes me mad’ !vote for the most annoying things ever!
My opinion is:This page is just teeneagers who like being in contact with their musical idols, nowdays.

Green scene: tip of the week
Raise your awareness of environmental issues. This week: don´t throw away the ink cartridges from your computer. Make sure they are sent off for recycling.

My opinion is:
This website is great because allows to aware everybody to take care our planet.

Hithere! It´s me, Georgia, again! Every week, I´ll tell you what I’ve been up to. Last week I was really fed up, but this has been a fabulous week. Have you ever thought ‘Wouldn´t it be cool if I could meet my favorite actor?’ Well, you all know that I loooove a certain famous actor. Now you can catch up with me in London as I attend a world film premiere where I met (you´ll never guess!)…Orlando...
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