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My family and my friends
My name is Gabriela Bocanegra Velazquez, I am 20 years old.
My family is the four persons my mother is Luisa Velazquez is 48 years old is from Saltillo Coahuila, my fatheris Gonzalo Bocanegra is 49 years old and from Saltillo Coahuila and my sister is Tita the 27 years old.
I am from Saltillo Coahuila, my best friend actually is Sigemi and Brenda, I like dance,studying and boy´s. I like my name, but I love my nickname is Gaby.
Brenda and Sigemi are new friends in the school and the class the Ingles. Their teacher is Mrs. April Saucedo.
Sigemi is studying pareteacher. You family live in Monclova, Brenda is from Saltillo, his nationality the Torreon Coahuila.
Brenda and Sigemi and I are in the studying class, her class is at 7:45 am. I like dance, but Ilike regeeaton music, but pop music isn’t really my styli. A concert a the theatre is too, but a concert at in the park is perfect for me.
My mother and my father are my parents. My mother father and,my mother´s mother are my grandparents.
What´s your teacher name? My teacher’s name is Abril Saucedo
We are from Nuevo Leon? Where are you from
Where they? They´re students
About the study Iwas in Dora Elia the kinder where. I never liked ir, I always cry when my mom left me alone in the classroom, sues and the work always copied them to my fellow students
In elemtary school I was inLazaro Cardenas, and my best friends and I was in two school the first there years and half of fourth school I was in Pino Suarez and then to finish I was in school above.
As relaciona with secondarystudies in school Maria de Jesus Cabello in this study the secondary and a there yearsolf, trade over which in got from asistwntw adnistrative and accouting in which he obtains the second highestutilization.
The preparatory studies in school Liceo Sor Juana Ines, Imade the two-yer
And another year to study at the Univesity of professional development where he studied a degree in elementary...
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