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English exercise "So – Neither”Principio del formulario
1.I don't like tea with sugar. _____________I.
2.David doesn't like carrots. ______________I.
3. I'm feelingtired. ____________I.
4. I spent the whole evening watching television. ________________I.
5. I don't like eggs. ___________I.
6. I was sick yesterday. ____________I.7. Maria is not a noisy pupil. ____________I.
8. They won't go camping . _____________I.
9. I need a holiday. _____________I.
10. I would love a cup of tea.____________I.

1) -------------------------------------------------
Principio del formulario
1.I am fond of shopping. It's so exciting ! .
2. I love chocolate, and I amfond of apples. .
3. I don't like chips, it's too disgusting and fat. .
4. I have never been to Quebec before this year.
5. Yesterday, I was at school, because itwas Monday. .
6. While I was doing the cooking, I was watching T.V. What about you? .
7. When I am 18, I will finish my studies. .
8. I am very good at school, but whatabout you ? .
9. I don't like this boy, I think he's very ugly. .
10. I live in England, in London, which is a beautiful city.
Final del formulario
1.She likeschocolate. So I.
2. Kevin is sixteen. So Karen and Ann.
3. I can dance. So my sister.
4. We will go to England next month. So my brother.
5. Kevin has never been toItaly. Neither my parents.
6. I am not American. Neither he.
7. They don't live in Paris. Neither his parents.
8. She wasn't at the cinema yesterday. Neither they.
9.Paul and Mike didn't play tennis last Monday. Neither I.
10. We won't study geography next year. Neither Sue and Emily.
11. Paul's parents can't sing. Neither mine.
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