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• One-syllable adjectives
Adjectives of one syllable end in -ER in the comparative and -EST in the superlative:
young youngeryoungest
old older oldest
short shorter shortest
clean cleaner cleanest
large larger largest
eg.Zurich is cleaner than Lisbon. It's the cleanest city in Europe.
Tom Cruise is shorter than Brad Pitt. He's one of the shortest leading men in Hollywood.

When a one-syllable adjectiveends in one vowel + one consonant, the consonant is doubled:
fat fatter fattest
thin thinner thinnest
big bigger biggest
hot hotterhottest
(except for -w: new/ newer/ newest; low/ lower/ lowest)
e.g. Grazalema is the wettest place in Spain. Ecija is the hottest.

• Two-syllable adjectives
Two-syllable adjectives that endconsonant +y take -IER and -IEST:
happy happier happiest
busy busier busiest

Some other two-syllable adjectives can take -ER and -EST, especiallyadjectives that end in an unstressed vowel, -l-, or -er-:
narrow narrower narrowest
simple simpler simplest
clever cleverer cleverestquiet quieter quietest

Most remaining two-syllable adjectives usually take MORE and MOST:
more careful most careful
careful boring moreboring most boring

• Three-syllable adjectives
Three-syllable adjectives also take MORE and MOST:
beautiful more beautiful most beautiful
expensive moreexpensive most expensive

Words like unhappy (the opposites of two-syllable adjectives ending in -y are an exception:
unhappy unhappier unhappiest
untidy untidier...
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