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|Tense |Subject |Auxiliary |Past |
| | | |Participle |
| | |Singular |Plural |
|The butter |is |kept here. |PresentSimple |
|The window |was |broken. |Past Simple |
|The work |will be |done soon. |Future Simple |
|The bridge |is being |repaired. |Present Continuous |
|The cheese |was being |eaten by mice. |Past Continuous ||Our work |has been |finished. |Present Perfect |
|The car |hadn't been |used much. |Past Perfect |
|The house |will have been |built by then. |Future Perfect |
|The shelf |can't be |reached. |Modal Verb |
|The task|must be |done now. |Modal Verb |
|The lesson |may be |finished. |Modal Verb |
|The car |ought to be |repaired. |Modal Verb |

Americans are eaten thousands of hotdogs every year. Thousands of hot dogs are eaten every year by Americans.
Chinese New Year is celebrated on January 1. Pizzas are made from tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.
Chinese New Year isn´t celebrated on January 1. Pizzas aren´t made from tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese.
Is Chinese New Year celebrated on January 1? Are pizzas madefrom tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese?
English is spoken by many latin Americans these days Many letters are still written.
Many sandwiches are eaten every morning. French isn’t taught very much in Mexico.
Three languages aren’t spoken in Switzerland. Is this tea drunk with sugar?
Latin and Greek aren’t still taught at some highschool. Is accounting taught in high school?
Much practice isn’t needed to be able speak English well Is the newspaper read?
Many Nissan cars aren’t made in Aguascalientes. Are most students in class every day?
Are airliners checked every month?
Many plans are made.
Many books are written every year.
All the questions are answered in English.
The lesson is translated into Spanish.
Thosethings are done in the kitchen.
The work is finished by noon.
Ten lions are captured every month.
That window is closed every evening.
Many houses are built of stone.
The news is known by everyone.
The presents are hidden from the children.
Spanish is spoken in Mexico.
Those children are dressed in white and blue.
The radio is fixed every week.
All the sentences are dictated in Spanish.All the sentences are corrected in class.
The money is kept in that box.
Your friend is invited me.
The pants are hung in the closet.
The glass is filled with water.
Games are played every Sunday.

_________________________________________________________________________________PROGRESSIVE PRESENT

The coffee is being produced by Brazil. Is the coffee being produced by Brazil?*Dollars are being used in the U.S.A Are dollars being used in the u.s.a?
*The TV is being watched by the friends. Is the TV being watched by the friends?
*The E.class is being given in English language. Is the E.class being given in English language?
*The wind is being created the earth’s movements. Is the wind being created the earth’s...
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