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Complete using present perfect after make questions and negative answers

1. Sue (lose) ……….. the key of her car.
2. Peter (save) ……. Almost $7000 for a new motorcycle.
3. Jenny (finish)…. Her homework.
4. Some boy (break)…… the windows.
5. My mother (buy)….. New glasses.
6. I (read)… a hundred pages of the book.
7. My niece (find)….. A valuable necklace.
8. Thetown (suffer) …. Terrible floods.
9. Martha (think) …. Very carefully her situation.
10. The factories (contaminate) … too many rivers.
11. Sophie (study)…. So hard for the final exam.12. We (write)…. A lot of beautiful poems.
13. Margaret (travel)…. To Italy.
14. I (go)…. To the cinema.
15. They (bring)… a lovely dog.
16. Sam (arrive)… late to work.
17. Mark(visit)… wonderful cities in Europe
18. My mother (make)…… a nice dress for my sister.

Use past simple or present perfect

1. Jane (stay)_______ at home yesterday
2. Your letter(arrive)____ two days ago
3. I (live)___ here for ten tears
4. Last week we (go)_____ to the cinema
5. The game (start)_____ they are playing now
6. I (phone)_______ you at five and youweren’t there
7. I (lose)___ my watch, I can’t find it
8. Last month Sarah (travel)____ to Italy
9. I (work)___ all day and now I’m tired
10. We (buy)___ a new house last weekUse present perfect or present perfect continuous

* Robin: I think the waiter (forget) _____us. We (wait)____ here for over half an hour and nobody (take)________
* Michelle: I think you’reright. He (walk)_____ by us at least twenty times, he probably thinks we (order, already)_________
* Robin: look at that couple over there, they (be, only)____ here for live or ten minutes and theyalready have their food
* Michelle: he must realize we (order, not) ____! We (sit)_____here for over half an hour staring at him
* Robin: I don’t know if he (notice, even)____us. He...
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