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Unit2 Food and Drinks
1. What are your favourite food and drinks?
|Jane: |What’s your favourite food, Bob? |
|Bob: |Well, my favourite meat is beef, and mushrooms are my favourite vegetable. |
|Jane: |What about fish and shrimp?|
|Bob: |I like shrimp best. It is delicious. But I don’t care for fish. |
|Jane: |How about potatoes? |
|Bob: |Ugh! I hate them. They taste terrible.|
|Jane: |Do you like rice or noodles? |
|Bob: |I like noodles. |
|Jane: |And what do you like to drink?|
|Bob: |Orange juice. I love orange juice. |

2. Discussing what to eat
|Mother: |Shall we have lunch at this fast food restaurant, Dick? |
|Dick: |That would be great.|
|Mother: |What would you like, chicken or a hamburger? |
|Dick: |I’d like some chicken nuggets. |
|Mother: |How many do you want?|
|Dick: |Only a few. I’m not too hungry now. |
|Mother: |And do you want a drink? |
|Dick: |A small cola will do. I still have a little waterfrom home. What do you want, Mum? |
|Mother: |I’d like a chicken hamburger, a large French fries and a small cola. |
|Dick: |How much is that altogether? |
|Mother: |It’s about 35 yuan.|

3. Talking about a party
|Monitor: |It’s New Year’s Day next Monday. Our class is going to have a New Year party that evening. |
|Miss Zhang: |Oh, that’s a good idea. |
|Monitor: |Would you like to join us, MissZhang? |
|Miss Zhang: |Sure, I’d love to. What shall I bring? |
|Monitor: |Well, Li Jin is going to bring some fried chicken legs. Wang Lei is going to |
| |bring some roast duck.|
|Miss Zhang: |What about the others? |
|Monitor: |Wang Bin is going to bring some smoked fish, and I am going to bring some |
| |bread and pork. Could you bring some vegetables?...
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