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|/t/ |/d/|/id/ |
|/p/ - /ʃ/- /tʃ/– /s/ – /k/ –/f/ – /Ɵ/ |all the remaining sounds |/d/ - /t/|
|stopped – bunched – passed |banned – judged- .... etc |decided – visited |MissTravel




I worked
You worked
He worked
She worked
It worked
We worked
You worked
They worked

I fried adelicious fish.

Long form Short form
I did not work I didn’t work
You did not work You didn’t work
He did not workHe didn’t work
She did not work She didn’t work
It did not work It didn’t work
We did not work We didn’t work
You did not work You didn’twork
They did not work They didn’t work

Peter travelled to a wonderful island last year.

did I work?
did you work?
did he work?
did she work?
did it work?
did we work?
did youwork?
did they work?

Past simple tense is used to speak about actions that are completely finished in the past or that happened at a specific time in the past e.g. I worked in that factorywhen I was twenty. The past simple is also used with the following time expressions:
Yesterday / The other day
Last … : last week, month, year, Friday …
One … : One day, week, month
…ago :...
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