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Have you eaten snails
Objective: In unit 4 we are going to talk about food, recipes and cooking methods.

Cycle 1. We are going to talk about personal experiences using:

oPast Tense
o Present Perfect

Cycle 2. We are going to discuss recipes with:
o Sequency Adverbs

Cycle I
The past tense
The Simple Past Tense is used to talk aboutcompleted events in a definite time in the past. We need to keep in mind that when dealing with the past tesne we have to consider the following:

The use of the "ed" ending when conjugatingregular verbs.
The use of a different word for irregular verbs.
The use of the auxiliary verb "did" to:
1. Make Negative Sentences.
2. Make Interrogarive Sentences.
3. To answer yes/no questions.It's important to recall that whenever you use the auxiliary verb "did" in a sentence (negative or interrogative) we need to write the main verb in the simple form. NOT in the past form.

ThePresent Perfect, on he other hand, is used to talk about events that happened in an indefinite time in the past. We can also use the present Perfect to talk about events that began in the past andcontinue up to the present. We usually use the present perfect with the words ever and never. The Present Perfect is made of the auxiliary verb (have/has) + Past Participle of the main verb[pic]|Present Perfect |Spanish |Past |Spanish |
|Auxiliary conjugation |Equivalence |Participle|Equivalence |
|I have |Yo he |Lived |Vivido |
|You have |Tu has|Studied |Estudiado |
|He has |El ha |Seen |Visto |
|She has |Ella...
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