Intercultural communication

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Essay Exam for Intercultural Communications ID403

45 Points Total

Question #1 (12 points)
Read the attached letters from John and Luis. It is now six months later and, as we can see in their respective letters, Luis and John have greatly improved relations through a developed awareness and respect for intercultural differences. A) Identify 6 different beliefs and/or behaviors that eachhas discovered and understood about the other, 3 from Luis and 3 from John. B) Again, explain these in terms of the specific cultural dimensions (Hofsteded, Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck, Hall and Ting Toomey) that we have seen this semester. Each answer should be 3-5 sentences.

I identify in the luis letter Americans tend to think in an individualistic way because of the way that managers at workdoes not care about how the worker feel, managers tend to think just to get the work done. Some cultures don’t tend to have personal relationships at work, workers and managers just think to get the job done quick and well, workers tend to have personal relationships not at work, tend to have it when they are not working, when they have free time. in other hand johns letter is about Mexicanmanagers and work environment, Mexicans tend to think more in a collectivism way, they care a lot about personal relationships, confidence is really important, managers think about how the workers are doing, for workers is really important to have a good relationship with the coworkers, if they feel ok with their co-workers,they are going to do a better job, they are going to feel better. The 6differences that I got from the letters are:

Luis Letter
American managers tend to just think to get the job done, they don’t have other stuff on mind, that is very American. Talking about the hofsteded dimensions I identify individualism, for Americans is very important competition. About Kluckhohn and strodtbeck dimension I identify doing orientation because accomplishments are measurable andare action oriented. Low context culture, Decisions and activities focus around what needs to be done, division of responsibilities and the separation of time, of space, of activities, of relationships.
American managers tend to think that is very important to get the job on time, if you are not going to have on time you have to tell to the manager immediately and he will not accept any excuse.Hofstteded dimension short term orientation, luckhohn and strodtbeck dimension time orientation, low context culture.

Keep informed about everything is going on bad or good, American CEO does not care to hear negative comments, they want to know everything about the company, some cultures don’t say negative comments to the managers, power distance in some cultures is difficult to avoid it. Inhofstede dimension I identify power distance, low power distance bacuase the managers can talk openly with their workers, luckhohn and strodtbeck dimensions I identify doing orientation, the reason is low power distance and and teway that workers feel effective, workers tend to feel more confident to change ideas with their CEO and openly share all their thoughts about the company. Low contextculture.

John letter
Gain confidence and respect, I identify collectivism, Mexicans tend to help each other at work gain confidence and get a really good work environment. Collective orientatyion because group is is really important if the group of workers have a really good chemistry the company is going do very well. High context culture because Decisions and activities focus around personalface-to-face relationships, often around a central person who has authority

Keep strictly the lines of authority , Mexicans tend to have high power distance therefore you don’t have to go further , I am meaning you have a line, you don’t have to pass it, if you pass it and try to go further you can get trouble with the superiors. I identify Power distance and authoritarian orientation,...
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