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Jim Carr – Chief Business Officer

February 22, 2011
Created in 1990, the National Community Reinvestment Coalition (NCRC) pursuits an equal and fairfinancial and housing treatment, especially for underserved communities that have experienced discrimination throughout their lives. NCRC is composed by approximately 600 community reinvestmentorganizations, to increase the flow of private capital into minorities; in addition, they are seeking for efficient accessibility to basic financial services in order to promote sustainability for lowincome families who are willing to approach the housing and banking system without boundaries that can affect their economic status.

It’s a non-profit organization whose major goal is to facilitate fairand equal accessibility to financial and banking services to marginalized communities who are indeed part of United State’s economy and deserved indiscriminate treatment. The recent financial crisisshows the precarious situation they had to face for being considered candidates for credit; this allowed abusive appraisal practices to flourish, that in the long term destroyed communities’stability, leaving secondary market about to fall and this leaded to system risk to overflows the market as a whole.

Beyond their objective of serving minorities (black and Latino), NCRC also operatesvarious business development initiatives, evaluates each case to identify their correspondent synergies to leverage their effectiveness. Working as a team, NCRC and nation’s largest banks and mortgagesfinance companies, gathered quarterly to examine regulation, innovative products and policies determining best practices; to supply NCRC’s community members with advices regarding the precedent issues.In 2007, James Carr accepted the position of Chief Business Officer at NCRC. He is recognized for his knowledge on housing and urban policy and leadership on development in innovative financial...
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