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El Salvador, from 1821, became an independent state. This
political independence, legal, social and economic development has been on, in the sense that both developed as a unitary state, as a side effect was a marked economic dependence and especially susceptible to political interference by outside powers like the United States of America (USA). However currently there is no influence in thatcountry alone, but groups of states such as the European Union, the Asian group, among others. However, this dependence on an equal footing and in the field of international relations is called interdependence, to the extent that their relationships allow the exchange of goods, services, technology, etc. And a level of international cooperation to improve the comparative advantages of the states.Not so when states are integrated into a process of international relations under the North-South framework, as are evident in a myriad of inequalities, making the gap observed mainly in poverty, which has several causes.

However, as mentioned before, it should be noted that poverty is only one of the three great problems facing humanity; the other two are the population explosion andenvironmental degradation. No doubt they are all related and they have focused on problems that affect men and women. For example, the population has grown enormously, and no natural resources have been depleted and although there is a breakthrough in technology that has allowed human beings transform their environment and offset the weaknesses deriving from the exhaustion of the land (the situationharmfulto agriculture) and the extinction of flora and fauna, among others, yet many states are disadvantaged, because not everyone can have access to cutting-edge technology industry, which has allowed advances in biotechnology and genetic engineering .Parallel addition has been taking the abuse of human beings towards.
Resources and habitat, adding to it the effects of the technology industry, theenvironment is deteriorating again.
In this regard the more developed countries educate their people to protect and safeguard the environment and channel in a less harmful to humanity toxic and hazardous wastes. Not so in countries like El Salvador, in addition to a strong dependence in every sense, poverty is reflected not only in population growth at all correspond to existing resources which,incidentally, are extremely vulnerable in the social and natural causing in some sectors and areas of El Salvador, the population shows signs of extreme poverty, which is severe, if it is assumed that the 49.92% 4 in extreme poverty is severe.

This not only puts at a competitive disadvantage to the population in extreme
poverty, but the entire country. Although this is not a phenomenon unique tothe
Salvador, as already mentioned, as in Latin America there are trends in extreme poverty, ECLAC notes that by 2005 39.8% 5 of the population lived in extreme poverty.

The features of poverty are most popular, not only because there
many studies that have reported the matter, but also because
observed daily, especially when traveling to rural areas of our country, where there are peoplewho do not have the basic minimum for survival, so their conditions are dire.
Among these features is a common observation that people do not have to
obtain a basic diet that allows them to defend themselves against disease, in that order nor access to education for various reasons, among which include: lack of financial resources to meet some minimal costs created by education, schools verywithdrawn, that their children need to be inserted field work at an early age, many children and so on. With regard to dress, dress in regular clothes or cheap to acquire, it is common to see children naked and barefoot, i.e. give priority to food in relation to clothing. As medical care is very low level of preventive medicine, nutrition, and lower the levels of morbidity and mortality are higher...
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