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Coolest inventions 2003, “ itunes music store”

itunes music store the legal way to download music? Steve Jobs Lodz develop software and accessories for Apple products. Jobs had proved that idea,of selling songs in a digital and cheap way, back in April when he launched the Music Store for Mac users, who represent only 3% of the computer world but promptly gobbled up a million tracks in thefirst week of business. By October he was ready to set the Music Store aloft in the 97% of the world that uses Windows PCs. He make this happen with just a little word: simplicity.

And Steve`s ideawas really succesful! Three days after the launch of the program in Moscone, PC owners had downloaded a million copies of the software and paid for a million songs adding to the 14 million musicdownloads already made by Mac users. A lot of people were using his “iTunes Music Store” in their computers and with this Jobbs showed to the music industry how to win friends and make money on the veryInternet that was being used to steal their songs.

Compared with another download programs, iTunes music store, was the “friend” of all music labels, not like Napster or PressPlay because all thismusic companys didnt trust their users or one another.

Jobs Back in April, revealed “ I had spent the previous year negotiating an unprecedented deal with all five major labels and thousands ofindependents”. His iTunes software, which had previously been nothing more than a place to store and play digital music on a Mac, would become a gateway to the Music Store, where you could easily find andsave music to your hard drive, CD or iPod music player with no need of subscription, and where you pay just 99¢ per song, or $9.99 for an album.
When all competitors saw all of his succesful, theystarted some rumors about the “sweet deal” that apple had with all labels, but this was only jealousy because everyone wanted to have iTunes Music Store in their Mac.

Then came iTunes for Windows,...
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