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Hotel Arenal Kioro

La Fortuna de San Carlos History
The first inhabitant was the district of La Fortuna came to these lands in 1930, it is the Nicaraguan Marcial Jarquin, originally settled in what is now known as Hacienda Fortuna River. 1932 other people come between them Elijah Koper, Alberto Quesada, Juana Vargas Ricardo Quiros, Joseph Garro, Rufino and Isolina Quesada, JuanLedesma, Porfirio Rojas, Julio Murillo and others were gradually settled, the product of fame acquired land. Initially, this community was a village in the district of Los Angeles and San Ramon añoo until 1950 when next to La Tigra, concrete is a movement that ends with a plesvicito where its residents will decide in the future belong to the Canton of St. Carlos.
This community was known by the nameof Buri, and product quality of the land, the people have changed their name to call La Fortuna. The first settlers in the thirties cataloging Zone as one of the most dangerous. Eight victims mentioning the first inhabitants, including Lupicio Quesada who died in an attempt to reach land.In 1952 together with the Tigra, states district number seven of San Carlos to La Fortuna. It is from thisdate when the district begins to flower and slowly becomes one of the most important production level of the area.
In 1968, the Arenal Volcano, which until then was a harmless hill erupts and buries the community of Pueblo Nuevo, killing more than a hundred people. District Lands lose much of their value and many people look as out of place. However, little by little, the spectacular eruptions ofthe volcano attract tourists, and the asphalting of the road by the year 1982, La Fortuna begins to undergo a transformation from an agricultural to tourism, which today is main generator of resources in the area.
Thus was born La Fortuna: Fortune's district was founded by Mr. Elias Koper who came to the area in NA, or 1932, other founders are Porfirio Rojas, Marcial Jarquin, Alberto Quesada,Juan Vargas, Jose Garro, Rufino and Isolina Quesada, Juan Ledezma, Julio Murillo and others.La Fortuna is the district number seven in the canton of San Carlos, located 46 kilometers from Ciudad Quesada, covers an area of 225 square kilometers and a population of 5707 inhabitants.
Education La Fortuna currently has a school and many schools in all villages, according to his blessing to be a hugedistrict tourist attractions, the population has had to go in different fields preparing to welcome the domestic and foreign tourists. Its potential is currently producing livestock, although it is displacing tourism as a source of income, but to have highly productive land in La Fortuna can grow almost anything. Limits Monterrey La Fortuna borders, Tilarán.
The Hotel
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