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Case: Robin Hood

1) What problems does Robin Hood have/ what issues need to be addressed?
We may find some problems to be addressed. The most significant problem is that the band have anexcess and not enough resources to sustain it. We can see that Merryman numbers are growing, and travelers are starting to find alternative ways through the forest to avoid arrest, causing a decrease inthe revenue stream of the band. The situation previously named together with other changes in the external environment is the development of models of the band, obsolete business. These changes need tobe addressed, in conjunction with the structuring and formation of the growing band Merryman. In fact, Robin needs to select a new strategy and reunite Merryman, behind the cause it is necessary totrain of new members and the practice of change management is very important for older members on board can manage in better ways.

2) Do Robin Hood and the Merrymen need a new mission? Newobjectives?
A new strategy?
Robin Hood's band needs a different strategy capable of responding to external events. In fact, we have that travelers seek to avoid the forest, despite the cost andinconvenience, to be sure to keep their belongings. Also, Robin with his plan to push the Sheriff of Nottinghamhowever is causing discomfort and even not working. On the other hand, the Sheriff isusing powerful links to implement extra pressure to Merryman and Robin. The situation is becoming more difficult due to some of the barons who appointed Prince Juan to the throne was found in aclandestine campaign to increase the ransom to free King Richard. At the same time that Robin Hood has offered the opportunity to assist in the rescue mission in exchange for an amnesty in the future. While thereturn of King Richard and the overthrow of King John is what Robin wants to, the risks involved in the agreement are very high. The unofficial mission of the band is "robbing the rich to give to...
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