Investigation in schools

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Investigation on schools rules in the past.
In the past schools were governed by a set of rules and statutes so that their students had an outstanding training and that people take to become successful, educated and prepared for the different circumstances that arise in life.
* England.
The methodology of teaching in this country was governed by different methods Children are encouraged,through the care and sensitive attention of staff, to be aware of their own needs and those of others and to develop a degree of mature self-discipline. All children were required to speak considerately, show respect, co-operate together and abide by the School Rules. School rules were placed in a book with all the rules and statutes that had to meet in order to belong to that school because if thestudent is not governed by regulations established by the authorities was expelled from the school representatives. Is important to note that the internal regulations of the institution was divided into different areas in which students developed they were rules to the classroom time to the break time and when the students had to return to the classroom after the recreation time etc. To promotethis environment of schools in England developed a set of clear rules for use throughout the school. All the children were aware of these, as they were continually reinforced at school assemblies and classroom situations. This is supported by the screen looked special rules around the school.
* Corridors.
They walked silently to the left.

They never reached in the hallways.

Theyalways gave way to the doors.
* Hall / Assemblies.
They entered the room in silence.
They listened hard, taking time to think.
* Outside.
They continued off the field unless otherwise indicated Seles.
They were walking in the upper court.
They stopped when the whistle blew twice and then went to the lines when they heard a single whistle.
* General.
Theywere only in school break time or lunch with permission.

They had to care for and respect all people and property.
* United States.
In the United States the rules have not changed much because today still retain many of the rules they had in the past. The most important rule is taken into account in all schools in the United States made reference to the timeliness and that it was important that students not missclasses because teaching was continually new.
Some of the most important rules on the schools in the past are:

* Outside.
* Students who ride bikes to school are to park their bikes immediately and leave the bike racks promptly
* Treat all school property with care and respect
* Play in designated supervised areas on the south side of the buildings
* Remain on school groundsduring school hours and recess breaks
* No bullying
* No profanity or inappropriate gestures
* No roughhousing
* Inside
* Hallway
* Walk, keep right, single file
* Keep hands and feet to self- respect other personal space
* No eating or drinking in hallways or the gymnasium
* Scooters, skateboards, and roller blades are to be used outside only
* Silencewhen class is in session - talk quietly at other times

* Recess.
* Students may go to the library, which is open during the recess break.
* students should exit quickly
* There is no loitering in the halls during recess.

* Gymnasium.
* No food or drink
* Non-marking shoes only
* Swinging from the basketball hoops may result in the loss of gym use.

These rulesare only some of which were implemented in different schools in the U.S but all had the same approach to be educated and successful. It is noteworthy many of these American schools if students did not comply with established rules were punished often on the physical and on the psychological.

* Venezuela.

* Play safe games
* Share and take turns with school equipment
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