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Mage Guide: VERSION 2

Ok so your a mage. Your armour is cloth armour which in general has good magical defense and weak physical defense.

Pros of the mage:
- High output of damage
- 1 Root that doesn't break on damage (lightning), 1 root that breaks on damage (Electrostatic Charge), 1 aoe snare that slows (Thunderstorm)
- Lots of insta nuke attacks
- Good amount of aoes
-Damage type: Fire and Wind
- Magic resis debuff
- Ranged class

- VERY squishy
- your absorb damage shield only absorbs 800 damage at higher levels depending on how much u level it which is not that much and can only be cast every 20 seconds
- You have to "Charge" to use electrostatic Field which really means u only have 1 root which is lightning. Not good for an aoe dmg class to onlyhave 1 reliable root if can't kill the mob in 5-6 seconds.

Secondary Options:

HONESTLY, I only think there are 3 real options for a secondary mage, based on what your preferences are.

1.) Knight: This is my top choice for defensive group PVP. You still can do the great DD of the primary mage class in addition you get defensive stats from the knight class which greatly help you survive inpvp. The thing i bleieve that makes this a better choice then the priest class for PvP is that these are PASSIVE buffs.

- See if you assume that the priests HOT and nuke heal and the knights passive defense and HP buff balance each other out in allowing the priest to live longer. THe fact that the knights buffs are passive means u can Push damage and root your opponent rather then worrying bouthealing yourself in the heat of a battle. In essance you are always getting your benefit from ur secondary as a knight with NO expense of Damage dealing.
- Also a priest secondary offers you no benefits to being 1 hit (aka insta'ed or alpha-killed). The knight higher defense and HP gives u a chance to adapt to this, get ur absorb shiled off, root the opponet and get some distance from them orone of ur teammates to heal u, or assist in PvP.

- SECONDARY SKILLS OF KNIGHT: (the ones that matter)
LEVEL 12: Defense buff at level 20 its +25% of defense (I think it gets up to like 60% or so, ends up a LOT! because I have more def then a lot of chain characters the same level who aren't knight secondary)
LEVEL ?15?: Increased block rate buff
NOTE: THIS DOES WORK WITHOUT SHIELD, Guarenteed.When you (block) you will notice people only do half damage, with this buff maxed that happens a LOT.
LEVEL 20: Stamina buff: Gives HP and Defense as result of the stamina buff
LEVEL 24: MP Buff: Starts at 35 not sure how much it scales to. I think at level 32 its +320 but its a good amount. THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT FOR WHEN U USE UR INSTA CAST 10 min ability as a mage becuase the limitingfactor is how much MP you have to how much damage you can output.

Level 15 Mage/Knight Skill: Holy Strike - Sucks atm its 2 sec cast, 150 range in LIGHT damage, its the same damage as plasma shot without the crit buff. no reason to use it, I am in conversation with Customer Support to get something like a root or snare added to this to make it a worthwhile addition to our arsenal

Level 20Mage/Knight Skill: Rays of Light (Galaxy but weaker)

Level 25 Mage/Knight Skill: Adds 30% chance of daze to lvl 15 skill (still crap)

LvL 30 Mage/Knight Skill: Light Dmg buff

2.) Priest:
- Probably the best soloing class in game. You have the insane Dmg dealing and AOEs of the mage class with great healing. In PvP maybe not the best option but still a good choice and you get an "Ohhsh-it" Skill for 5 sec invulnerability for those who can't react quick to being ganked.
Secondary Skills: (will have to ask someone to check)
- Regeneration = Heal over time which lasts for 20 seconds. Much better then pots
- Insta Heal ??? = Insta nuke heal
- ??? = 5 second invulnerbility skill

Level 15 Mage/Priest skill: Essence of Magic: You get this skill as a mage/priest at lvl 15 from...
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