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Description of Java.

Java is a programming language of general purpose with the objective of creating a language that could operate in any platform oroperational system.

Important characteristics of java:
Java is a Multiplataform application, it allows Java applications to execute on different technologicalplatforms independently from the OS they have. Multithread: This makes reference to java being able to run several tasks at once, using various system resources at thesame time.
Safe running of applications: all memory access is controlled; likewise the applications have some restrictions that guaranty its safe running.

A javaprogram is first written on a text editor (source program) and afterwards you can compile it. Compilation is the process that generates a bytecode or program code(machine language).

The methodology of programming is the methodology of the need to solve problems through the use of algorithms. An algorithm is a methodthat contains an ordered sequence of steps that lead to the resolution of a specific problem.
Problem - Design of algorithm - Computer program
Algorithms areprecise, defined and Finite, They must describe 3 parts: Entrance, Process and Exit.

-Read the number, we will call it X
-Define Y the value of two(Y = 2) Note: You don’t use 1 because all -numbers are divisible to one
-Divide X/Y
-If the result is a whole number, send the message X is not a primenumber, go to step 8.
-Define Y as Y plus one (Y = Y + 1)
-If X = N then X is a prime number, send the message X is a prime number, else go back to step 4
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