Jhon F Kennedy

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Essay John F. Kennedy

Why John F. Kennedy was killed

John F. Kennedy was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, 29 may of 1917 , he was elected in 1960 and he was the second younger president inthe United States history , in his presidential period he confront a lot of important events like the Cubans missiles , the space career , the first steps of the Vietnam War and Berlins wall .

JohnF. Kennedy murder is one of the most important secrets of the United States , there are many version about John F. Kennedy murder . One of each version is that in the United States come out aconspiracy to kill mister John F. Kennedy of all the version the most logical one was that the ex president made a law that consist into disappeared the federal reserve , the federal reserve function is tolend money to the United States government for they could create bills and put them in the national economy , what John F. Kennedy propose was to eliminate the federal reserve power in the nation, itconsist into returns that power of create bills to the government and that means that the government wouldn’t owe money to the federal reserve , the most important part is that the United Statessupport that money that they put in the economy with gold and silver , the federal reserve support that money with the debt of the government that means nothing , after John F. Kennedy put that law tofunction the rich controllers of the United States economy were disgusted because Kennedy was ended their big business and after that they create a secret conspiracy to kill John F. Kennedy.

Manypeople of the United States thinks that the reason of the murder of John F. Kennedy was because days before he said that was secret groups that control the United States population and don’t let them befree , and that secrets groups made the conspiracy to kill him .

The murder of John F. Kennedy was the perfect crime but it has some parts that show us that it was a conspiracy , the first one is...
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