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Put the eventsin the order they happen in the story. The first is 1.

♣ A reward is offered to the person who kills Zorro. Sergeant Gonzales says he will get it. 1
1 Captain Ramón tries to kiss Lolita butZorro stops him. Then Lolita tells Zorro she loves him.□
2 Captain Ramón writes a letter to the Governor of California saying the Pulido family are helping □
3 Don Diego Vega visitsDon Carlos Pulido and asks to marry his daughter, Lolita.□
4 Fray Felipe is whipped in the town square. Don Diego is sad and angry.□
5 Sergeant Gonzales searches the Mission of San Gabriel forZorro but they only find Don Diego.□
6 The Pulido family go to Los Angeles and stay in Don Diego’s house.□
7 The Pulidos are arrested. Zorro and the caballeros rescue the family from the jail.□
8Zorro and Captain Ramón fight and Zorro cuts a ‘Z’ in the Captain’s face before killing him.□
9 Zorro and Lolita are rescued by the caballeros. Zorro takes off his mask – he’s Don Diego.□
10 Zorromeets Lolita in the garden. He kisses her hand and tells her she is beautiful.□
11 Zorro punishes the dealer and the judge. Some caballeros try to catch Zorro but he escapes.□
12 Zorro talks to agroup of young caballeros. They agree to help him and fight against the governor.□

Choose the correct answer for each question.

13 Who has offered a reward to the person who kills Zorro?a Captain Ramón b Don Diego Vega c the governor

14 What does Don Diego like?

a fighting b poetry and music c winning the love of women

15 How old is Lolita Pulido?a eighteen b twenty-five c twenty-six

16 Where does Captain Ramón say Zorro has killed some people?

a Los Angeles b Santa Barbara c San Gabriel

17 What does...
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