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Definition of child abuse on the Web:
• Behavior directed toward a child by an adult that harms a child's physical or emotional health and development.
What is child abuse?
Child abuse happens when an adult mistreats or neglects a child. The person who abuses is misusing their position of trust and authority. This could be a parent,guardian, paid caregiver or sibling.
Why is it a great danger for children?
Children depend upon adults to protect them, to support them and help them survive. Being abused damages their sense ofsafety. It also makes them more likely to be abused and exploited in the future.
Child abuse is a silent crime. It can happen in all cultures, social classes, and religions.  Also, children withdisabilities are more at risk for abuse.
What forms does child abuse take? A child can be abused in different ways. Following are just some examples:
Physical abuse
Physical abuse means inflictingphysical harm on a child's body. It may involve abusing a child a single time, or it may involve a pattern of incidents. Some examples are:
• Shaking, choking, biting, kicking or burning a child
•Handling a child roughly when helping them with dressing and going to the bathroom
• Using force or restraint in any other harmful way.
Often the parents feel they need to physically punish ordiscipline the child. They may also think what they are doing is good for the child. Physical abuse sometimes leaves the child with a permanent disability. For example, a child may end up deaf, becomeparaplegic or have brain or spinal cord injury.
Sexual abuse
This happens when an adult or adolescent uses a child for sexual purposes. It can also mean exposing them to sexual activity orbehaviour. It can include:
• touching and kissing a child's breasts or genitals
• inviting the child to touch someone else sexually
• having sex with a child family member
• forcing a...
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