Killing jhonny fry

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Walter Mosley
Killing Johnny Fry
“A sexistential novel”

The story is about an American interpreter from New York City called Cordell Carmel. Cordell used to live this simple and boringlife after having two failed marriages.
Cordell has an open relationship since eight years ago with a woman called Joelle, everything seems to be all right, but one day Carmel, who only used to seeJoelle during the weekends decides to visit her at her house during the week and found her having sex with a friend of both, Johnny Fry.
After watching this Cordell left his girlfriend´s house intotal confusion, he walk all around New York City until he founds a sex shop where he gets a movie about infidelity and pleasure, that movie and what he saw at his girlfriend´s house totally changed hishistory.
The next morning Carmel decides not to attend an important interview and he takes the decision of becoming an artistic agent and that is how he starts a new life by exploring all about hissexuality and planning his revenge against his girlfriend and his friend.

I believe “Killing Johnny Fry” is a nice book to read carefully and with an open perspective about society andthe way in which it operates. On the other hand I found the novel a little bit repetitive and it is also easy to think about what is going to happen next. “Killing Johnny Fry” absolutely deserves theadjective “sexistencial” because it actually reflects all about human sexuality and the way the main character founds his own one.
I will definitely recommend this book to a person with an openrelation with topics like sexuality and liberation, also I will say that “Killing Johnny Fry” is a novel for mature people that could give the whole story the main sense that it should have and in my opinionI believe it is very graphic and very intense to read for the majority of people
1. Cleavage: escote
2. Westward: hacia el oeste
3. Curb: bordello, cuerda
4. Assuage:...
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