La computadora

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Saint Joseph Institute

Name: Valery Raudales

Grade : 10th Grade

Class: Literature

Theme: Report Book

Teacher : Mrs. Maria Angela Osorio

Date: 27-10-11


Author:Cynthia Voigt


This book tells the story of a girl named Dicey who always try to keep her family together despite the Problems. She is trying to do everything that is in her power andtake any risks necessary to protect her siblings. The children find themselves on an emotional but suffering journey.


* Dicey Tillerman
* James Tillerman* Sammy Tillerman
* Maybeth Tillerman
* Mom
* Aunt Cilla
* Abigail Tillerman
* Windy
* Cousin Eunice

Main Character
* Dicey Tillerman


Kids are always on the move, in an attempt to make it to Bridgeport; there is a new setting almost every day. This setting adds excitementand suspense because with a new setting everyday you never know what to expect.
It has 2 main settings:
* Bridgeport, Connecticut
* Crisfield, Maryland


Mother abandons them one dayin the car next to a shopping mall during a trip to Bridgeport; they are willing to find a place when they can live and belong.

Main Ideas
1. Mom had disappeared into the crowd of Saturdaymorning shoppers entering the side doors of the mall.
2. Dicey was 13 and she read the maps.
3. They would wait for her until the next morning.
4. Dicey begins to understand that Momma is notcoming back.
5. They must try to continue on to Aunt Cilla themselves, and that hopefully they will find their mother there.
6. Route 1 was the road they´d been driving on; they could followit for a while.
7. They only have $7.85 for the entire trip.
8. They would have to walk.
9. If she could spend just 50 cents for lunch, they´d have a dollar fifty for dinner.
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