La Divina Comedia

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1. Respond: Of the proverbs presented here, which one did you find the most thought-provoking or relevant to today’s world? Why?
The Masai one because I think it is very true when it says“It is better to be poor and live long than rich and die young” since I believe everything should be lived at its time.

2. (a) Recall: What does a Baganda proverb say about a person who has notmade the journey?
That someone that has not made the journey thinks it is easy because they have not made it.
(b) Infer: Does the proverb imply that the journey is actually easy? Explain.
No, that’swhy it says “The one who has not made the journey calls it an easy one” I agree with that part of the proverb because I believe you shouldn’t believe what you’ve heard until you do it yourself.
(c)Generalize: What does the proverb say about human experience in general?
That everything
That everything is easy to tell , like a story, but difficult to do or show.
3 (a) Recall: What does a Jaboproverb say about daring talk?
That it is not strength.
(b) Compare and Contrast: What is similar about messages in that proverb and the proverb about lifting ants and elephants?
They both speakof the same, I believe they both thought of the “Stop talking and show me” quote because they talk about people saying they can do a lot when they cant even do a little.
(c) Connect: Describe asituation in which one of these proverbs might apply.
In school work , you shouldn’t brag about how much you can do because if you are good enough your grades will speak on their own.
4. (a) Recall:What does a Masai proverb say about baboons?
That they do not go far from their place of birth.
(b) Interpret: What lesson do you think this proverb teaches?
It showed me that you shouldn’t pretendsomething you’re not because we are all foolish and become wise by experience.
5. (a) Compare and Contrast: Give examples of sayings you know that have messages similar to those of these Africans...
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